With 50 youth workers, from 35 European countries and team of 10, yesterday we started the Evaluation meeting titled Role of Youth in Action in Youth Work Development. This meeting aims to evaluate the level of development of local youth work and to identify the good practices and the shortcomings from the work so far.

The project is a result of a need for more systematic evaluation after 7 years so to assess the effectiveness and to identify the shortcomings. Having such an evaluation meeting gathering very active organizations from entire Europe will also be chance to explore the existing opportunities and obstacles for development of Europe-wide youth work recognition systems.

For the next 7 days, participants will discuss the impact on the quality systems, efficiency and effects of the programme projects and activities, developing conclusion on the impact of Youth in Action in the Youth Work Development in the past years. They will bring their conclusions to the Look Beyond conference and present the at the Plenary ‘Impact of Youth in Action in Youth Work development’. Follow us to get a glance into their presentation.