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DATES: 30 July – 7 August.

PLACE: Belgium

TITLE: Advocacy for sustainability

ORGANIZER: YEU International

YOUNG PEOPLE INVOLVED: 30 young people


The 33rd International Youth Convention (IYC14) will be a 9 working days event which will take place in Belgium, gathering 30 young people from YEU member organizations. The main aim is to develop the competences of the participants regarding sustainable development and its importance nowadays. It will mainly focus on how to advocate for the sustainable development on local, national and international level. In addition, a policy paper on sustainable development and youth work will be prepared during the convention that will be used for advocating on all mentioned levels.

IYC14 will empower the participants to take a proactive role and use fully the potentials of advocating and lobbying to promote the concept of sustainable development. All the activities that will be carried out during the training course will be based on non-formal education methods and experiential outdoor education.


In the recent years, the importance of sustainable and green development has been raised. The youth organizations should also focus on this area and become more environmental friendly. At the same time, there is a need to spread this idea to other stakeholders. 


– To explore the concept of sustainable development

– To acquire competences related to advocating on local, national and international level

– To prepare a policy paper on sustainable development and youth work advocating on all mentioned levels


We intend to use a variety of methods based on non-formal education: inputs from the facilitators and experts, simulations and role plays, intercultural learning as a process present throughout the project, brainstorming, energizers, YEU eurogames2010, discussions and creative thinking (both in small groups and in plenary), input from participants. We also want to feel closer to the nature and experience a lot of outdoor activities. We believe that NFE, as an active participation based learning process, will help to reach the objectives and has the quality to involve different actors from the educative relation in an education-learning process. Furthermore, the NFE methodology is an inclusive approach in its very sense as with the full commitment for the learning process, one can reach the learning objectives despite the educational, cultural or social background.


PROFILE OF PARTICIPANT (priority will be given to those that most closely meet this criteria.

  • Between 18 and 30 years old;
  • Have an interest and expertise in  the topic;
  • Willing to learn & motivated to share experience after the event;
  • Are able to work in English;
  • Are committed to attend for the full duration of the event;

(Gender balance, group diversity in terms of different social and cultural backgrounds will be taken into consideration) 


YEU International will cover all costs related to accommodation. It will also cover 50% of travel costs if it is the cheapest way from the resident country. 100% of visa costs will be reimbursed. The participants are obliged to have receipts of the ticket, boarding pass and invoices of credit card that was used for buying the tickets for online payments. All participants will be reimbursed after the event by bank transfer.

Deadline for application: 27.June.2014.