Dates of the project: 17-25.10.2014

Place of the project: Rustavi, Georgia

Deadline for application: 22.09.2014


Across Europe today social media and access to main stream media mean a lot of information passes on to young people about many different subjects and issues. A lot of that information is in essence harmless, however a good proportion is misleading, propaganda, negatively influential and contains a lot of prejudice regarding certain groups, minorities and communities.
Hate speech and hate crimes / violence target young people in two ways, either to recruit them to the cause or they are the target. It is easy for many movements to influence young people and it is easy for many young people to get caught up in saying things and being involved in things without fully comprehending the impact of their words or actions. At the same time many young people are targeted by hate and violence because of who they are, where they come from, or something they did.
We want to carry out this project to explore how the youth sector can work with this area of concern in a constructive way and in a way that is easy to implement and carry out in youth organisations and with young people that will have a maximum and broad an impact as possible.

– To explore the concepts of hate and violence in all their forms
– To understand better how we are influenced by and how we are involved in hate and violence in our everyday lives
– To reflect on how hate and violence affects the communities our youth organisations are based in
– To reflect on how hate and violence impacts Europe and young peoples sense of being European
– To develop youth workers/leaders/activists competencies in dealing with hate and violence in the youth work and in their communities
– To develop strategies for involving young people in combatting hate and violence through raising awareness of different cultures, communities and people
– To develop a sense of European citizenship and a sense of community
– To create and develop projects that will be implemented by young people and the partner youth organisations in an active way in society


Accommodation and food costs will be covered 100%.
Travel costs will be covered up to 275 Euros.

Deadline for application: 22.09.2014

Sending fee: 300 MKD