This call is based on development of online courses that will engage learners in strength their soft skills and improve their performances for the labor market;

The courses shall be designed to improve the capacities of the learners on the following topics:
-Communication Skills
-Basic (Information and Communication) ICT Skills
-Organization and Project management
– Course suggested by the VET Experts

The courses shall be interactive, providing input on the identified topics and possibility to upgrade skills with distance learning tasks. The courses are available on a joint Moodle platform for e-learning and each participant is able to receive an electronic certificate after successful participation.

The full Call for VET Experts can be found on this link.

The project ‘E-Region: Development Opportunity’ works to enhance social cohesion in the cross border region of Macedonia and Bulgaria, through development of online learning tools and promotion of entrepreneurship. It is implemented by Center for Intercultural Dialogue (Macedonia) and European Institute (Bulgaria), under the IPA Cross Border Programme, CCI Number 2007CB16IPO007.

The project is based on development of social infrastructures, a joint web portal [] for sharing and exchange of information, news and various educational and employment opportunities. With it we establish links among unemployed young people, job opportunities, vocational schools, students, electronic media, citizens, business incubators and youth entrepreneurial ideas. The project also fosters cross-sectorial collaboration in order to increase employability and e-participation through utilization of good practices in e-learning and entrepreneurship. The social cohesion is facilitated by integrating 3 key elements of social infrastructure: E-Information, E-Learning and E-Entrepreneurship.

One of the key aspects of the projects is implementation of Online Courses for developing life skills of unemployed young people and citizens. The online courses should offer vocational curricula and increase the cross match of new skills with requests of new jobs and professions. The project directly promotes the cooperation between vocational education, qualification institutions and the labour market.


All interested candidates (natural persons or legal entities) should submit an offer with the following documents:
-Letter of Interest
-CV of the trainer
-Proposal plan of curricula for at least 2 of the proposed E-Course

The offer with proposed budget (prise) should be submit to and by the 5th of November 2014;