Between November  7th – 9th the hotel Harmonija in Kumanovo hosted a delegation of 11 members from 5 organisations in the framework of the project ACTEC – ACTive European Citizenship Through Cooperation and Information”. Two participants per country – Spain, Romania, Italy, Croatia and Macedonia – got together for the final stage of the project, the evaluation meeting. CID (Center for Intercultural Dialogue) was represented by Aleksandra Tasić and Monika Bozinovska.

The goal of the project was to allow various organizations to take part in the process of developing the concept of active citizenship on a European scale. The evaluation meeting served as a good occasion to share the results of a year-long work in the field of spreading the good practices related to active citizenship.

The objectives of the project focused on:

  • empowering local entities with few or without experience in transnational cooperation by transferring knowledge on how to apply for grants;
  • spreading the knowledge about the Europe for Citizens Programme among the general public;
  • promoting active European citizenship, values and culture at local level through information campaigns.

During the Saturday meeting all the teams presented the results of the workshops that they organized in their communities. The Spanish delegation (Asociación Mar Violeta) organized three workshops, mentioning that the interest among the participants was high and that the feedback was positive. The results from the Macedonian team (CID) were organizing a workshop in Kokino and creating a guidebook on applying for projects and securing funds. The workshops in Italy (Associazione III Millenio) focused the workshops on spreading information about the Erasmus+ Programme and discussing the project ”Europe for Citizens”. The Croatian organization (Raplection) promoted through their workshops active participation through encouraging people to vote, having in mind the low interest of people in social participation. Finally Romania, the leading partner of the project (Mod of Life Association), presented the overall evaluation of all the stages of the project (preparation meeting, promotional materials and website, local workshops, networking activities, good practices manual, etc) and prepared the stage for the follow-up activities.


The follow-up of the project will be the establishment of an ACTEC network to keep the collaboration in the field. The memorandum on the creation of the network was designed and signed on the spot, which is an important achievement of the group.

The participants are satisfied with the overall development of the project. The objectives were met, according to what the evaluation meeting revealed, and there is a stable foundation for future cooperation.

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