On the 17th and 18th of November the members of the School Unions from the Goce Delchev High School and Hristijan Karpos Primary School had the opportunity to take part in a workshop meant to develop their skills as the board of a school union.

The training focused on three main topics: youth activism, quantitative research – the questionnaire as the most efficient tool, conducting debates and organizing public events. The young participants were introduced to the methods of non-formal education while learning how to use them efficiently in their activities. They also worked on drafting an action plan for the upcoming months and discussed different ways in which they could get support for their activities.

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The outcomes of the workshops include the creation of a Facebook group for further communication and planning and the planning of a meeting with the school administration. The group from Hristijan Karpos designed an ambitious action plan that comprises six activities and they looked eager in starting to work on them. They are excited about having the possibility to represent the interests of their fellow mates in the relation with the school leadership.