The Initiative Board of the Lipkovo Municipality keeps working hard on improving their skills and developing the action plan. On the 21-22 of November they gathered for the last training which ended the cycle of trainings in this phase of the project. The topic of the training focused on organizational management. The participants learned about what organizational management is and how it works; they brainstormed on their future organizational structure and on efficient ways to put it in practice.

After working together for the past two months, they reached the point where they could outline together the mission and the vision of the future Youth Council, its structure and main goals. Argjend, on of the members of the board, shared his positive impressions on the general outcome of the cycle of trainings, saying that the group had a good dynamic and hoping that their ideas will go through and bring more activism among the youth in Lipkovo. Valon expressed his strong will to keep working with the team and implement all the bright ideas that were born during the trainings. He is happy for having the opportunity to attend every meeting and believes that the board is on the right way to accomplishing its goal.