Project dates: 09-16.02.2015
Project place: Kaunas, Lithuania (or surroundings) 
Deadline for application: 13.12.2014
Gender Based Violence (GBV) still exists in all countries of the world and has nothing to do with age, culture, socio-economic status, education level and nationality. No matter the efforts done, it remains a very serious obstacle towards gender equity and is recognized as human rights’ violation. GBV is a term which includes all kinds of discrimination or behaviour against a person because of its gender or its sexual orientation. ( That means that when referring to GBV today, it is not about discrimination between different sexes, but discrimination and violence between different genders; men, women and LBTQI people. GBV inevitably leads to discrimination, inequity, social exclusion and fewer job opportunities. Still a lot of work needs to be done in the area. In this context, we envision a world in which men, women and LGBTQI people face no discrimination, are socially included; enjoy their rights together with the right to work. This project (which is consisted of a training course “TC” and follow-up activities) aims at developing the competences of the youth workers to work with the topic of GBV and stimulate the active participation of young people to respect, prevent and stop GBV.
To share different experiences and cases of GBV between partners 
To conceptualize the difference between sex and gender and understand the causes and effects of GBV
To work with tools that prevent and stop GBV
To develop personal action plans that deal with GBV on local/national level
To create a publication about activities that are related with dealing with the topic of GBV and disseminate it though the partner’s networks
The TC will lead to 2 concrete results/ follow-up activities. 
1) Each participant will prepare a follow-up action plan that passes on the competences they gained to their colleagues in partner organizations. Moreover, the action plan describes the actions/workshops/activities the youth workers need to undertake in order to address the issue of GBV on local/national level. 
2) The concepts, terms and definitions, activities and handouts used during the TC will be compiled into an online publication that will support other youth workers/organizations that aim to deal with the topic. This publication will be disseminated though the networks of the partners.
The training course will be based on non-formal education methods, encouraging active participation of young people involved. Some of the methods used will be the following:
•Ice-breakers, energisers.
•Inputs from experts
•Intercultural and experiential learning
•Variety of visuals for thematic input
•Brainstorming and discussions both in working groups and in plenary.
Accommodation and travel: 
Food and accommodation costs will be covered 100%.
Travel costs will be covered 70%, for travel costs of a maximum of 275 EUR.
Participation fee: 30 EUR
Sending fee: 300 MKD
Deadline for application: 13.12.2014