The group from Kriva Palanka which attended the training organized by CID in October decided to take a step forward towards establishing a youth organisation. After successfully implementing their first project, the enthusiastic young people decided that they want to bring more activism among the youth of Kriva Palanka.

CID offered its suport by inviting the group to Kumanovo for a 3-day training between 5-7th of December. The first day included info sessions regarding the beginnings of CID as an organisation and useful tips and advice on getting started.  During the second day the group had the chance to work on outlining their aim and objectives as an organisation, as well as getting informed about the Erasmus+ programme and other opportunities for partnerships. Finally, the last day was reserved for a practical workshop on project writing – after the theoretical input from Matej Manevski and Milos Ristovski, our guests from Kriva Palanka exercised on designing a project for future action.

We asked them about how they benefited from this experience and this is what Jordancho Minevski shared with us: “It was useful to hear about the experience of the biggest youth organization in Macedonia, about their start and how they were dealing with the problems at the beginning. This will help us to better understand what to expect and to be prepared with some answers (actions), because we will face similar problems. And the level of development that they achieved proves that everything can be done when you want to, which inspires me to dedicate myself to succeed in our community and give youth a chance to express and improve their knowledge in every field of society. Now all we have to do is to be constantly dedicated to accomplishing our goals and keep learning a lot. My expectations were met regarding that I went there to learn how to implement certain practices in the youth organization in Kriva Palanka and the CID team together with the EVS volunteers were very efficient in explaining how they are organized and gave us important information, tips and links that we can use to easier adapt in the NGO sector. I am grateful to them for everything they are doing to help young people in the country have a better quality of life.”