The Initiative Board from Lipkovo is working towards establishing a Youth Council in Lipkovo and last week it organized an essay contest which ended with an award ceremony, held on December 18th in the municipality of Lipkovo.

The activity aimed at promoting the Initiative Board and raising its visibility among the local stakeholders. It targeted young people interested in expressing their opinion on the needs of youth by writing and submitting an essay on the topic “I, the voice of my community”. The essays were assessed by a committee of authors and writers prominent in the community; prizes were awarded to the three best works.

The award ceremony gathered all the young people who submitted essays, as well as important stakeholders in the community – teachers, the imam, and representatives from the municipality. The members of the Initiative Board shared their enthusiasm and intention to contribute to the empowerment of young people in Lipkovo. The response from the public was positive and the atmosphere suggested that further activities are welcomed. The event was also reported on the local television and marked the inauguration of the Youth Council of Lipkovo.

The next two days were dedicated to networking – the Youth Council gathered to discuss their structure, vision and mission and to create an action plan which will be presented to the local government with the aim of enhancing the cooperation between the institutions.