On the 24th of January the office of CID hosted a workshop on the topic of ”No Hate Speech Online”. The workshop was organized by Ana Nicolic and Ivo Gospodinov as a follow-up of the Training of Trainers on the Fight against Hate Speech: the use of the “Bookmarks” manual in working with young people, held in Ohrid in December 2014.

Ana and Ivo acted as multipliers and gathered 18 high-school students interested in the topic. The workshop proposed interactive activities in a non-formal manner meant at familiarizing the participants with the concepts of hate speech and hate crime. By working in groups, discussing case studies on online hate speech examles and sharing personal experiences, the participants learned to identify hate speech and discovered about ways in which it can be combatted. They were also provided with further useful information on the topic and related issues.


Both Ivo and Ana consider the workshop a successful experience which offered them the chance to apply the learning outcomes from the training of trainers and motivate other young people in turn to get informed and participate in the process of fighting against hate speech. They are happy that the participants were active and interested in the topic and that the dynamic of the group was favorable for sharing and learning, which means that there is space for further activities.