Project dates: 22 – 30.05.2015
Project venue: Väiko-Härmä, Võrumaa, Estonia
Deadline for applications: 11.03.2015
Training course “Via You to yOUR Youth” is a multilateral training course aimed to support youth initiative through increasing the competencies of youth leaders in the field of social entrepreneurship. The topic of this project includes three parts:
1) “How to support youth initiative…” The reason to carry out this project is to direct young people to be more active in the future. The youth are the specialists of their “field” and know the best about their needs. Young people around us may have brilliant ideas, but they need some support or more specific knowledge to bring them into reality.
2) “…through increasing the competencies of youth leader…” Many youth leaders work as volunteers; therefore they might not have enough professional knowledge or necessary skills outside of their specialty (motivational skills, writing projects, budget management, involvement of youth etc). This training course aims to increase the capacity of youth leaders; to broaden their knowledge beyond their specialty; to acquire more practical skills on motivational skills, project writings, budget management, etc.
3) “…in the field of social entrepreneurship.” Lots of NGO’s work on noble objectives, based on project funding, but this often means that the ideas aren’t sustainable to continue with after the project period is over. Reason to carry out this project is to give youth leaders the knowledge to develop good ideas into a sustainable realities.
Non-formal learning methods will be used throughout the whole project, for example team building and teamwork exercises, workshops and discussions in big and small groups, case studies and presentations, field trip to a social enterprise, evaluation and reflection of activities.
You can find more information about the activity plan from
This training course is targeted to youth leaders, who:

  • directly work with youngsters;
  • are connected to youth via their organizations;
  • are connected to organizations which work for youth benefits;
  • are willing to work in their sending organizations after the project;
  • are above 18;
  • are able to work in English;
  • are able to participate in all the activities. If you have not attended 98% of the programme you will not be reimbursed. 

Participants will be selected based on their motivational letter, where they demonstrate how they plan to use the acquired knowledge and skills in their organization and community. There will be 24 participants in total, with 8 participants from each partner country – Estonia, Macedonia, Portugal.
Food and accommodation will be covered 100%.
Travel experiences will be covered up to 360 EUR. The participant must buy their own ticket and they will be reimbursed via bank transfer after the receipt of the original travel tickets and boarding passes. 
SENDING FEE (payable to CID): 500 MKD 
PARTICIPATION FEE (reduced from the travel reimbursement): 35 EUR