Project dates: 18 – 25.07.2015

Project venue: Agros, Cyprus 

Deadline for application: 31.03.2015


The theme of the project is promoting Human Rights and aims at making the participants aware of their European Citizenship and the active role they can play in the development of human rights. The project is a week-long programme using a variety of educational methodologies such as:
thematic and methodological discussions, simulation exercises, group dynamics, interactive role plays, examples of good practices, middle and final evaluation, ice-breaking, team-building activities, cultural evenings and more. In addition, this youth exchange will contribute to get to know and understand the role and importance of Europe by meeting young people from other member states and experiencing cultural diversity and intercultural learning. It also aims at raising participants awareness about human rights in Europe (to vote, to educate) and global challenges Europe has to face (such as climate change, biodiversity loss, sustainable development).
The basic aim of this project is to contribute to the process of building a tolerable and integrated society based on respect to the gender equality and cultural diversity with active intercultural cooperation and dialogue, through raising the awareness of a group of young people about the theme of gender identity and cultural diversity.


Objectives of the project:

  • Provide opportunities for the exchange of experience and the competences of young people from different countries as well as of people who work with youth and to provide them skills which will possibly enable them to act as multipliers.
  • Foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries.
  • Contribute to developing the quality of support systems for youth activities and the capabilities of civil society organisations in the youth field.
  • Promote human rights and intercultural dialogue through the mutual understanding among youngsters coming from 8 EU countries, which have
    different cultures, histories and traditions.


Activities of the project:

All these aspects will be looked at through workshops and activities with informal educational methods organised in international groups, teams
or pairs so that everyone gets the opportunity to experience intercultural relationships in a real, intense and permanent way. The working methods will emphasize cooperation and solidarity rather than competition.

The activities of the programme will be directed towards increasing awareness about the EU, the rights and opportunities for citizens as defined by different EU policies, citizens’ participation in political processes as well as increasing the capacity of the civil society sector as one of the leading agents in the above democratic processes. During the project we will implement a variety of activities including: workshops, lectures, group working, discussions, outdoor activities etc.


Participant profile: 

  • Be resident of Macedonia
  • Be 15-25 years old
  • Have interest in the topic and are willing and motivated to share their experiences and knowledge
  • Be able to work in English
  • Be able to attend the entire duration of the project
  • Be willing to share what they have learned with the sending organization


Financial aspects of the project: 

  • Food and accommodation will be 100% covered. The participants will be accommodated in Agros, a mountain village only 40 km away from the seaside.
  • Travel expenses will be covered up to 140 EUR


Participation fee – 50 EUR

Sending fee (payable to CID) – 500 MKD


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