Since this January CID started the online educational programme ‘Learning with a Click’ [Macedonian: Учи со Клик(ер)]. This online programme comprises several online courses on topics such as communication skills, project management and employment representation; its main aim is to support the employability of young people.

By participating in these courses, employed and unemployed young people can gain competences which are needed to successfully find a job, search better opportunities in the labor market or work toward promotion if holding a job.

The courses are usually lasting for 2-3 weeks, supporting self-directed learning; practically the learner is free to organize and plan the learning within the module and receives support within it from our team.

As the courses are free, they are quite popular among young people. Just within the first cycle we got around 150 participants. For now the Online Educational Platform offers courses in three consecutive modules: Communication Skills, Employment Representation and Project Management, available in Macedonian only. 

Soon we are starting the courses for English speakers as well, and one of the first will be ‘Spanish Language and Culture’, based on English-Spanish language learning.

The online courses have started as part of the project ‘E-Region: Development Opportunity’, which CID is implementing in partnership with the European Institute-branch Blagoevgrad from Bulgaria, aiming at improving social cohesion in the cross border area of Macedonia and Bulgaria, under the framework of  IPA CBC  Programme, CCI Number 2007CB16IPO007.

For more information on the project and courses visit:

Ivana Davidovska