The intercultural dinner is a tradition that the EVS volunteers decided to celebrate every month. On the 13th of February, we organized the first edition of the intercultural dinner in the office of CID. Everyone who wanted to join our activity was invited to bring a traditional meal or drink.

The February edition was a special night: we presented Poland. I and my colleague from Poland, Krzysztof, organized a quiz about our country with a very special prize: Polish vodka for the winners! We surprised them with our questions about the highest mountain or the longest river. Also we prepared a traditional Polish dish: pierogi ruskie, with potatoes and white cheese inside.  It was very nice to see what other people know about our country and how they see Poland.

We let people taste our delicious traditional meal: pierogi with cheese and potatoes, and they  could also discover our culture through Polish music. It was a great opportunity to experience a little bit more of a different culture. We also tried meals from Spain, Finland, Germany, France, the United States, Moldova and, of course, Macedonia. Our table was full of unique tastes and colors from the whole Europe and not only!

Next month we will be organizing another intercultural dinner with an evening about Finland. Feel free to join us on the next dinner – as we are eagerly waiting for you!

Katarzyna Sokołowska

intercultural dinner 1