In the period between 26 of January and 1st of February I have attended the training course “Fast Forward”, in Dworp, Brussels, Belgium. The training course aimed at developing the competences of youth workers/leaders to support young people on how to deal in a constructive way with the challenges of choices they encounter.

 The activities that we had during the training taught us how to facilitate finding our passion and interests and to gain analytical competences needed for critical thinking. We explored ways in which we can support young people in making informed choices and how to apply this to our local realities. But as well we had the chance to get to know each other better. 

I learned a lot of things that I consider very useful for me, like for example the “Six Thinking Hats”–a really nice exercise which was designed to release stress and to help us to make better decisions! I learned how to make small groups, how to work in groups, how to make better choices, etc. The organization that hosted us was great, and I really liked the topics from the project because it trained me to make better choices for the future! 

All in all the training course was great – the trainers were really good in managing us, the selected location was a really nice place, and the thing I liked the most was the people, because we made a really great team.   

Besart Shabani