The project’s overall aim is creating ground for sustainable inter-ethnic dialogue by fostering intercultural learning and communication among young people, additionally supported by inter-institutional cooperation aiming to promote active youth participation.

  • To raise awareness on the lack of cultural and intercultural activities in the public spaces in the community
  • To promote direct citizens (especially youth) involvement in the intercultural dialogue in their community
  • To support sustainable intercultural activities by linking various youth groups through joint educational processes

This include different educational programs which will be held in the youth center, like performance and drama program, recycle workshops, social rights workshops, street animation program. Through all of these programs a message of intercultural tolerance and acceptance of diversity will be spread. All of the workshops will be bi-lingual (on Macedonian and Albanian) with the same amount of participants which will assure safe space for the youngsters, and positive ground towards building mutual understanding.
Beside this the project will develop a physical space “Square” for promoting cultural dialogue and easing the process of self-expression of the youngsters. The “Square” will be movable and used for the performances of each program.

The coordinator will be responsible for the overall implementation of the project (planning – implementation – reporting). The coordinator will have to assure a proper communication with both the office and the facilitators involved in the process. Beside that the coordinator will have to assure the quality of the activities that will be implemented in the youth center regarding the principles of non-formal education.

The project “MultiKulti Cube – Space for intercultural/ethnic action” is implemented with the financial and technical support from the UNDP Macedonia. The project will be implemented in the period April – July 2015.

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Deadline: 8th of April 2015.

The entire call can be found on the following link.