Project dates: 21-29 June 2015
Project Venue: Trencin, Slovakia
‘Talk Shop’ training focuses on two different aspects of youth workers’ work – language and technology, and offers development in English and implementation of project management tools. The TC is planned for 21. – 29.6.2015 (including travel days) and will involve 24 participants from 12 different countries hosted in Trencin, Slovakia.
Main objectives:
Equip the participants with the necessary linguistic skills and confidence necessary to plan and carry out projects in English.
Present time management and project management tools in an accessible form and encourage the participants to develop tailored solutions for their organisations.
The proposed training consists of two parts. The first focuses on the use of English in project environment. It aims to cover the basic areas of using English as a working language during a project and is based on real life experience. This part encompasses the use of the language during the preparatory phase and in the course of a project. Each of the following areas will mainly be focused on practical application in, e.g. presentations, role-plays, and project drafts.
• Writing a project
• Phoning in English. Other areas covered include
• English for writings projects
• Basics of crisis management in a foreign language
• Presenting in English
The second part of the proposed training aims at presenting the participants with tools whose implementation can significantly both simplify their workflow and improve the presentation of the organisation. The main emphasis is on ready-made and easily applicable solutions.These include:
• Evernote
• Dropbox
• Google drive / google apps
• Prezi


  • be at least 18 years old
  • have experience in working with youth organizations
  • be motivated to improve their competence in using technologies in management of organizations
  • be able to attend the full duration of the training


  • Food and Accommodation will be provided by the organizers 100% – Accomodation, restaurant and place, where the course happens is
  • Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275 euros

Sending fee payable to CID: 500 MKD
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