Project place: Ada, Serbia

Project dates: 20 – 28 June 2015

Deadline for application: 02.06.2015


Themes of the training course:

One of the biggest challenges in the last decade among youth workers, youth leaders, project managers, young people who applied for support of European Commission through its youth programmes e.g. Youth programme, Youth in Action programme, and now Erasmus + programme was to find relevant and useful tools, techniques and methods how to make their youth projects more visible, to spread the results of their projects more efficiently and how they can support other organizations, young people, youth workers or even politicians to use or adapt their project results.

 Now in the new Erasmus + programme, there is even bigger request from European Commission for these actions, to make huge waves of the supported projects, to reach more people from locals, from Europe and even among youth policy makers.

So with our project, we plan to initiate such type of youth projects under KA1 and KA 2 which will from the beginning give a huge focus on visibility, dissemination and exploitation as good practices for other youth workers, young people that they use the tools and techniques and methods in their projects as well.

The overall aim of the training course is to provide space and opportunity for youth workers, youth leaders to get to know more about methods, tools and techniques of visibility, dissemination, exploitation of youth projects supported by Erasmus + programme under KA1 and KA2. Through common project ideas and project developments to invent and adapt tips and hints for methods, tools and techniques in order to make these new projects more visible, and how to disseminate and exploit its results. Provide opportunity for youth workers, youth leaders, project managers, young people to find solid partnerships, getting to know more about KA1 and KA2 youth projects of Erasmus +, make together new projects and in them already practice  how to use tools, techniques and methods of visibility, dissemination and exploitation of their youth projects.


 Learning objectives of the training course are:

  • To refresh the knowledge of youth workers, youth leaders, project managers and young people on international youth exchanges, EVS and trainings regarding to project management according to the proposals of Erasmus + Programme Key Action 1 Mobility project for young people and youth workers;
  • To enhance competences to use the new Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships in the field of Education, Training and Youth with special attention its project management;
  • To make a difference and define what is visibility, dissemination and exploitation of these projects’ above and share tips and hints how they can be made efficiently in these projects;
  • To make new projects according to the proposals of KA1 and KA2 with special focus on its visibility, dissemination and exploitation.


Participant profile:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • have experience with groups of young people with fewer opportunities, or interest to learn about the topic
  • have previous experience on working on and implementing projects
  • willing to learn and motivated to share experience with their sending organization after the event
  • be able to attend the full duration of the training


Financial details of the project: 

  • Food and accommodation will be covered 100% by the organizers. 
    Participants will be accommodated in rooms with 2 or 3 beds. Every room has its own bathroom and toilet
  • Travel expenses will be covered up to 275 EUR. 



SENDING FEE (payable to CID): 500 MKD


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