Project dates: 14 – 21 July 2015

Project place: Istanbul, Turkey

Deadline for application: 17.06.2015


Discrimination is a widespread social problem all around the world that beyond the all social status. According to the European Commission, accepting of diversity in the public sphere is increasing, but there is still gaps and differences between countries (“Discrimination in the EU in 2012”, Eurobarometer). Although types of discrimination are different for all countries, the factors which cause all forms of discrimination arise from the same sources: the combination of prejudices and social power. One of the most effective methods to fight against discrimination in accordance with the Anti-Bias approach is to be aware of one’s own social power and power relations in the society beside the effort to get rid of prejudices. The main aim of the training course that we would like to organize is to focus on the fundamentals of this awareness.

The programme of the training course will be implemented by non-formal methods and to aim to create mutual learning and interaction. 

The activity as a training course with 26 participants from 12 different countries (gender balanced and also including disadvantaged participants) will be held in Istanbul during 8 days between 14-21 July 2015 including arrival and departure days by 3 trainers and 2 technical support personnel.

Objectives of the project: 

The training course is specifically designed to provide a learning environment for the participants who are youth workers, youth trainers and project managers in the field of anti-discrimination work – To learn about the characteristics knowledge of Anti-Bias approach and to gain its methodogical skills – To develop new perspectives by experiencing on prejudices, power relations and discrimination – To integrate the Anti-Bias approach into fields where they work in order to fight against individual and institutional discrimination – To develop new projects or support current projects by using Anti-Bias approach – To enable them to empower young people in order to raise awareness of discrimination through AntiBias approach – To gain information about YouthPass and Erasmus + and to manage to use these tools in fields they work in.

The participants will gain awareness of anti-discrimination in youth work, social inclusion and intercultural learning through project and transfer it to their behavior and attitudes. Beside that they will also get experiences by implementing new knowledge and skills into their work fields. In addition to those they will develop a project after the training course by using this new knowledge and experiences and also gain skills of using different methods in anti-discrimination work. Moreover, participants will improve the quality of their projects and to able to develop multilingual projects such as Training Courses, European Voluntary Service and Youth Exchange projects by having the chance to understand the Erasmus +. Another important envisaged impact of the project is that the participants will have a sensitivity to intercultural learning and collaboration in order to support their projects with the European dimension and interculturality.

Profile of participants:

  • Age above 18
  • To be active youth workers willing to apply and multiply the knowledge received on this training course
  • Willing to get involved in and lead youth work activities which will contribute to inclusion, intercultural dialogue and acceptance of diversity
  • Willing to share the new knowledge with the members of CID once he/she gets back 
  • Able to work in English
  • Able to attend the entire duration of the course

Financial aspects:

  • Food and accommodation will be 100% covered by organizers. 
    Participants will be accommodated in
  • Travel expenses will be covered up to 275 EUR.
    The participant should buy their own ticket and they will be reimbursed upot receiving all original travel tickets and boarding passes.



SENDING FEE (payable to CID): 500 MKD.


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