Project dates: 15 – 27 July 2015

Project place: Badalona (Barcelona), Spain

Deadline for application: 23.06.2015


About the project: 

“To be or not to be formal”, is a bilateral exchange to take place in one of the most popular neighborhoods in Badalona, where a high percentage of adolescents and young people at risk of social exclusion. The project has two large overhead lines of work:

1. To promote and raise awareness of the importance of active youth in neighborhoods, young people are formed to create an active neighborhood of all, with opportunities for all.

2. From this volunteer the need for non-formal education activities to promote the social inclusion of adolescents and young people in these neighborhoods will be directed.


The objectives of this project are:

– Work multiculturalism as an opportunity, from intercultural activities with the same participants in the exchange and with street youth themselves.

– Reduce the risk of social exclusion of adolescents and youth.

– Provide a space on the street, as a meeting point while promoting volunteerism as a priority project.

– Bring together and strengthen learning in values of youth participants.


Participants will be involved in the realization of activities for the group itself, and in the afternoon, they will organize open activities for local community (sports, music, dance, painting, games etc.).

One day we will also visit our inter-generational project, so participants can have the opportunity to introduce their countries to a group of old people.

The activities will be carried out through the methods of non-formal education in order to promote social inclusion of all.

Participants MUST be active and motivated to participate to the exchange and to the activities, especially the ones open to the local community.

We tried to mix funny and interesting activities to foster mutual knowledge and of the environment, with own exchange activities, that you will organize once here.

This project is financed by the Erasmus Plus programme of the European Commission.


Profile of participants: 

  • 18 – 25 years old
  • Be able to communicate in English
  • Be able to attend the entire duration of the project
  • No previous experience is needed, but is considered as a plus
  • Interest and enthusiasm in the topic of the project
  • Be committed into sharing what they have learned on the project with CID


Financial aspects: 

  • Food and accommodation will be covered 100% by the hosting organization. 
  • Travel costs will be covered up to 300 EUR



SENDING FEE (payable to CID): 500 MKD


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