Project place: Mareuil, France

Project dates: 1 – 14 August 2015

Deadline for application: URGENT CALL!!!


About the project:

The activities are created by youth workers and will give space for the 4 groups of different countries (French, Macedonian, Turkish and Slovakian ) to meet, exchange their culture, their lifestyle, where they live and learn about eachother.

The days will be reserved for times of activities, excursions and discoveries.
Free time, in autonomy will be left to the young. They would have been prepared in advance with the youth and leaders.
The first evenings will be dedicated to intercultural exchange facilitating knowledge of the different groups.
Each group will bring elements typical of his country (food, traditional music, costumes …) to discover the other participants.
The last night will be around a festive return of what the participants have done during the stay.

Throughout the stay, the young will use video to establish a setting that will serve as a guideline to be presented last night at a festive evening open to all project partners. This document will then be used by each group, returned to his country to continue the project and consider a new project the following year.

“Following our involvement in a local video project “Le Monde de Demain” (The world of Tomorrow), we took the initiative to enlarge this project on a European scale. Noting the enthusiasm around the video during various showing, we decided to continue exploiting this medium on a larger scale. We felt it necessary to get into contact with different group of young people in Europe.

This project will enable us to talk with groups of young people from other countries about important issues such as the environment, politics, society, and economics.

Following the creation of this video, we will screen it in public meetings, on the internet and we intend to make many free copies available on DVD. Through these times of restitution, we wish to lead the policymakers to take into consideration not only our worries, but also bring them to build actions of civic order based on social issues that concern young people in Europe from a global point of view. In this context, we have a great interest in being accompanied by an experienced videographer so that he may accompany us in the development of a video. This approach can not only make plausible our initiative but also generate awareness from the adults, including the policymakers, to take into account, our aspirations relating to our everyday lives and our future. We wish, depending on the impact of the policymakers, this type of action could sustain in time because we have included the necessity to actively get involved in our own future, whether it be professional, environmental, social, cultural.”    

This Youth Exchange will be based on both non formal and peer-to-peer education methodologies, in an exchange and learning process which will also be addressed to the local community.

Moreover participants will learn how to put into practice their ideas, how to develop a project (from conception to implementation). They will meet new young people, new cultures, and new point of view, which will allow them to be more open-minded. Living together, they will be more autonomous and they will develop skills like speaking in front of others, listening, and respect for others.


During the exchange we will organize workshops, where participants will compare ideas, experiences … of their lives in each country. The workshops will allow the creation of a European space where participants will share ideas and the values of responsibility and citizenship, using video as support.



  • Encourage meeting and intercultural exchange
    • between young people of 4 different nationalities, during 2 weeks
  • Develop the real learning outcomes of the democracy
    • Through themes such as the life as young person in the society, their relationwith the culture, the environment and the economy on the various territories.
  • Encourage the free expression of the young people on stakes concerning them directly or to which they are sensitive
    • Thanks to participative debates, role-playing games and free times.
  • Allow the young people by the expression, the reflection, the listening, the exchange, to participate actively in the implementation of a common creation
    • A video on the stay in himself and the various exchanges of points of view


Profile of participants: 

  • 18-22 years old
  • interested in the topic
  • willing to participate in all the activities of the project
  • able to communicate in English
  • willing to share their knowledge with CID once they got back
  • able to attend the entire duration of the project


Financial aspects of the project: 

  • Food and accommodation will be 100% covered
    Participants will be accommodated in a campsite.
  • Travel costs will be covered up to 170 EUR.
    The reimbursement will be made after receiving all original tickets and boarding passes via bank transfer. 


SENDING FEE (payable to CID): 500 mkd


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