Project dates: 4 – 11 October 2015

Project place: Edirne, Turkey

Deadline for application: URGENT CALL!


Project description: 

Roma are a society that remains in purgatory, a large civilization which are trapped between identity and non-identity. Their only wish is to live equal and as humans do, unfortunately they have been marginalized and excluded by the Turkish and European populations. Most European people have compelled the Roma people to live with unsuitable physical conditions and have been forced to live in neighborhoods that lack education and are forced to live without work. However, the Roma people have a rich culture. They enjoy their lifestyle which is fun and unique for them.

From this project, our participants with have a chance to learn about Romas and develop a sense of tolerance towards a different culture.

Nowadays, marginalization, racism and ethnicity are highly important and prioritized agenda’s  for the European Human Rights and as a group, we will examine these subject in a precise manner.

To ensure the welfare of society and to sustain the continuity of disadvantaged group in terms of importance for the discussion and creation of awareness in the community. In line with this awareness, such an important issue of identity of the concrete indicators should not only stay working inside the Turkish borders, it should be on an international plane after discussing this subject  with the European Union Human Rights. We anticipate to provide added value to the society.

Our goal is not to solve the fundamental problems. Usually the youth of Europe develop a tolerance based perspective, especially Turkish youth and local people. Thus, young people with different cultures, will become acquainted with the world of Romas and will try to understand them.

The most important goal of our project is to help you understand that young people  can contribute to the purification of the bias and that different cultures can live together with love and tolerance.

Our project consists of a 7 night, 8 day youth exchange project. Edirne has been identified as the city which our project with be held because of the Roma culture present there. In our project, a total of 42 participants from 7 countries, along with a marginalized Roma community, and we intend to discuss the different experiences and thoughts. Both of the intercultural dialogue as well as the name of humanity which are important issues for tomorrow’s hopes of young people. As discussed in the literature of the Roma community, secluded from the theory, as a practical learning would allow. Especially after this project is complete, it will contribute to the next projects our group does. Different culture’s participants  which have similar problems in their country, will see a new perspective after this project, and we therefore feel that this topic can move onto the European agenda.

This project will carry out activities within the scope of the Roma people and will recognize the culture with a hands on technique to gain skills and to participate in practical work and visits to the neighborhoods. 

From all of this, we are planning that all participants are actively involved in the project, the young people from different cultures will bring together important data within the framework of tolerance and achievements. During our project where we will report our activities, we will use collaborative, creative drama activities, project/group based work, outdoor activities, discussion activities and hands on learning approaches for learning. With these methods, the needs of the participants will be responded at the European level. At the end of our project, the participants will be satisfied and in line with their expectations and qualifications, and they will no doubt execute similar studies in their own country.


Profile of participants: 

  • 18 to 30 years old
  • interest in the topic
  • commitment to participate in all of the workshops and activities
  • be able to attend the entire duration off the project
  • be able to communicate in English
  • be willing to share the gained knowledge with members of CID


Financial aspects of the project:

  • Food and accommodation will be 100% covered by the organizers.
  • Travel costs will be covered up to 80 EUR, for the cheapest means of transportation.
    Reimbursement will be made after receiving all original tickets and boarding passes via bank transfer.


SENDING FEE (payable to CID): 500 MKD

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