Project place: Gdansk, Poland

Project dates: September 2015 – August 2016 (12 months)

Deadline for application: URGENT CALL!!!


About the host organization:

Established in 2004, Caritas Poland’s mission is to support domestic and overseas projects to meet the needs of the poor and disadvantaged. Their extensive range of activities include establishing single-mother centres, hospices, treatment and rehabilitation centres, initiatives that counter social exclusion and providing emergency relief to countries following natural disasters or armed conflict in countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Caritas Poland programmes are largely funded by donations from individuals and organisations at home and abroad. Domestically, these contributions have financed soup kitchens, single-mother centres, programmes that care for victims of forced prostitution, counseling for migrants and refugees to integrate into society, occupational therapy workshops and day care centres for children and the elderly.

Recent examples of Caritas work in Poland, include a nutrition programme which 40 Caritas centres across Poland provided 250,000 balanced meals to malnourished children in 2012. In 2010, Poland was hit by catastrophic floods that the Prime Minister of Poland called “the worst disaster for 160 years”. Caritas Poland helped come to the aid of over 66,000 flood victims cross 15 towns by delivering pumping equipment.

Overseas, Caritas Poland has played a key role in emergency relief and rehabilitation work during and after a disaster; such as international rescue efforts to help aid victims from the devastating 8.9 earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.

Part of The Conference of the Polish Episcopate, Caritas Poland main office is located in Warsaw and has a staff of approximately 20 people. Caritas Poland coordinates the work and supports the tasks of 44 diocesan and archdiocesan Caritas in Poland.

Caritas Poland is a member of Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Europe, and actively collaborates with the members on overseas emergency and developmental programmes.

The volunteering period will be done in a local office of Caritas in Gdansk, Świetlica “Dobra”, Gdańsk.


Activities description:

The activity last for 12 months and is situated within Tricity and surroundings (Tricity=Trójmiasto – Gdynia, Sopot, Gdańsk) area, which is quite famous because of its tourist facilities. The volunteer will be based in the one placement however there is a plan to visit for 1-2 days other placements in order to see the others project and maybe find new ideas.

There will be the opportunity to work with youth and also with elderly people. 

  • In the youth center children and youth, aged 6-13, are coming after the school in order not to stay on the street doing nothing.

    • from difficultbackgrounds, were families having problems with poverty, unemployment, often incapacityof life,
    • having problems in learning,
    • in general not speaking in English,
    • having emotional problems, problems with communication,
    • having problems with functioning in society
    • sometime hyperactive

Although the above description might seem to be scary but they are good children who need attention, positive attention not the one which they often have at school. There, they are perceived as people without any chances to live in  a “good way”. However our years of experience show that those children and youth is a group are very active, they know what is team. They are willing to act, play together etc. We see the results of the therapy, of our work if only those children get the chance, if you believe in them they are able to act and create something good. They just need attention of other person, good warm words, penitent and empathy.

  • In the elder people center there will be people over 55, mainly women.

    • mostly lonely
    • having problems with health
    • not speaking in English

Despite age of this group, they are very active. They are having many activities  such as: theater exercise, gymnastic, singing exercise. They have meetings with doctor. They are taking free medical examinations on hearing and vision. They are walking on art exhibitions, to the theater, to the museum. They are having a lecture about European countries, about healthy living and computer exercise. Participants are gentle, kind and nice. They have open-minds and they are tolerant.


Role of the volunteer: 

We would like the volunteer to join the workshop team, show his/her presence, make impact on the place, that the workplace feels that has got an EVS volunteer!


Proposed activities in the workplace:

  • Foreign languages lessons for people once/twice a week,
  • National days of my country:
    • preparation of big poster with basic words in my language,
    • my national dishes, cooking activities,
    • what do you know about my country? – presentation about history, traditions + quiz.
  • During summer/winter holidays join the camps with children/youth as a guardian and activities arranger.
  • Using such equipment like: camera, microphone, voice recorder make an interview with local community about:
    • Who is volunteer? Is he/she needed?
    • Other themes to choose.
  • The volunteer is encourage to make a movie or photo exhibition about EVS, about her/his EVS experience in Poland.
  • Lead activities based on volunteer personal abilities, skill, passion, hobby etc.


  • Help with homework of children/youth such as English language, math, geographic etc.,
  • Follow the activities which are organized by the leader,
  • Propose own activities which can be organized with the youth leader such as cooking, art, sports activities etc.,
  • Play games with children,
  • Help in daily duties such as cleaning, washing etc.
  • Participation in any other additional activities proposed by the EVS coordinator, for example visit in the school with a presentation.


Profile of the candidate: 

  • be under 30 years old. 
  • likes to work with children and older people and who knows how to get in touch with them (or not be afraid of them),
  • likes to discover new things,
  • active, creative, taking initiative,
  • communicative,
  • open-minded,
  • stable emotionally,
  • responsible,
  • such interests as sport, music, dance or any other kind of passion with which volunteer can infect young people are very appreciated.


Important information: 

  • Travel costs are covered up to 275 EUR for the participant. 
  • Visa costs will be covered up to 70 EUR. 
  • Volunteer will receive 85 EUR pocket money per month
  • Volunteer will receive 80 – 95 EUR to cover food costs per month. The hosting organization will also provide one meal per day.
  • Local transfer costs will be covered by Caritas. 
  • The volunteer will have his own room and will live with 2 other EVS volunteer in the apartment. They will share the kitchen and bathroom.
  • During working time the volunteer is not allowed to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. 


For more information about the hosting organization see the following links:


How to apply?

  • Please send your CV and motivation letter to


For more information please contact