Project place: Berlin, Germany
Project dates: 3 – 9 October 2015
Deadline for application: 8 September 2015, 23:59 h.
This cycle of training course is designed to improve the quality of management in young and emerging organizations working in favor of youth. It is meant for professionalization of youth NGOs on international level by creating a solid network of partners educated in different NGO management aspects and helping each other, cooperating and disseminating the abilities they will gain.
Main aims of this project are:

  • Professionalization of management in youth organizations, which will result in better usage of their resources and increased efficiency.
  • Extention and harmonisation of the network of partners realizing similar aims of empowering, educating youngsters and support their civic participation.  
  • Improving the quality of projects resulting in their bigger impact on local environments, beneficiaries of our partners.  
  • Empowering youth organizations to implement participatory style of management, increasing commitment and potential for democratic participation of young people in our countries.

During this training course we will tackle problems of financing NGO activities. We will discover many sources of funds and ways of providing financial liquidity. 
Programme of the training course:

  • Arrivals
  • Getting to know the venue, introduction to the program, Rules and expectations
  • ‘Budgets night’


  • Team and trust building activities
  • Financial opportunities for NGO in our countries
  • Financial opportunities for Youth NGO in Europe (EU, CoE, Foundations ect.)


  • Budget planning – long term sustainability
  • Youth policy in our countries – financial dimension 


  • Visit in local NGOs
  • City game 


  • Fundraising and its legal aspects
  • Sponsoring, cooperation with bussinesses
  • NGO mission vs. finances 


  • Cross-sectoral strategic partnerships
  • Evaluation of the learning outcomes
  • Evaluation of the Training Course


  • Auto-reflection
  • Youthpass ceremony
  • Networking
  • Closing ceremony

Profile of participants: 

  • above 18 years old
  • able to communicate in English
  • interest in the topic of the project. Interest to join the discussions and workshops
  • experience and involvement in youth organizations will be considered as a plus
  • be wiling to share the knowledge and experience from the project with CID
  • be able to attend the entire duration of the project

Financial details:  

  • Food and accommodation will be 100% covered
    The participants will be accommodated in a youth center (
  • Travel costs will be covered up to 275 EUR
    The reimbursement of the money will be made after receiving all original tickets and boarding passes.

SENDING FEE (payable to CID) : 500 mkd
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