Project dates: 7 – 14 December 2015
Project place: Trabzon, Turkey
Deadline for application: URGENT CALL!
As a Trabzon Women Entrepreneurs Community, this organization has a lot of experience in working with women and the issue of women employment and their position in the economy. With the wish to share this experience they are organizing a project with the name ‘Power in the economy; women employment!’.
This project is designed to be a mobility program for youth workers, and the project will be implemented with 27 participants from Macedonia, Malta, Romania, Lithuania, Turkey and İtaly, in the period 07 – 14 DECEMBER in Trabzon, Turkey.
Aims and objectives of the project: 
This project mainly aims to evaluate women’s employment issues in the international level and to develop and inform this specific target group on the opportunities offered to them. It focuses on identifying the difficulties and challenges that women face in today’s society, and most significantly on how to deal and overcome the same. 
Beside this, this project focuses on volunteerism and on promoting youth participation by inhansing international dialogue among participants and  increasing their professional skill.
The project will also serve as a platform where the participants will learn more about youth work in Europe, communication between institutions, and will also be introduced to European Union projects and opportunities offered to them. This way the participants will increase their entrepreneurial spirit and will enhance their competences and skills in different topics.
This training is planed to be implemented using formal and non-formal approaches, but will mainly focus on non-formal education. In this context, we will do many activities such as workshops, working in groups (big and small), will use theatre performance as a tool, but we will also have some practical professional training, visits to official institutions and simulations of everyday situations.
The result of the project is expected to take into consideration women employment (and unemployment) on national and international level, to share positive practices of inclusion of women in everyday society and the business world and to present the participants with the necessary skills to work with this specific target group. On this training course participants will be offered the chance to face each other’s realities regarding this issue, increase social consciousness and remove gender based prejudices on the working places. 
Profile of participants: 

  • To be active young person or youth worker willing to apply and multiply the knowledge received on this training course
  • Interest and previous knowledge in the topic
  • Able to attend the entire duration of the course
  • Able to work in English
  • Age above 18
  • Resident of Macedonia
  • Willing to share the gained knowledge with CID or their organization, after the return from the project

Financial aspects of the project: 

  • Food and accommodation is covered 100% by the organizers.
  • Travel costs covered up to 275 EUR.  
    The reimbursement will be done via bank transfer only after receiving all original tickets and invoices. 

SENDING FEE (payable to CID): 500 MKD. 
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