Project place: Banja Luka, BiH

Project dates: 14 – 20 November 2015

Deadline for applications: URGENT CALL! 


About the training course: 

Youth unemployment remains a society’s problems nowadays. Yet, the key to the solution is not to adopt fast solutions but sustainable ones. Solutions that empower young people to stand on their own feet. When formal education fails to do this, youth organizations feel the need to address it. The activity “Youth work empowers youth to work” is consisted of a 7days training course (TC) which will take place in Banja Luka in November 2015. The TC will gather 30 youth workers aiming to enhance their skills in empowering young people to overcome unemployment. The TC intends to explore the current situation regarding unemployment in BiH and Europe, the conditions under which youth live, their educational background, the match (or mismatch) between their studies and what they want to do in their lives. The need to provide sustainable rather that temporary solutions will be explicitly discussed. The TC will equip youth workers with tools that enable youth to raise self-awareness, identify their talents, their skills, their interests and passions and thus follow what they want to do in their lives. Youth workers will be skilful to affirm the talents of youth, to inspire them and to empower them to overcome unemployment. The TC will also engage youth workers in creating strategic plans (on national or international level) in which they will put in practice the tools and skills gained during the TC. The idea is to have follow-up activities on the topic.
The European dimension of the activity is achieved not because it will bring together youth from different countries of Europe. During the TC, special attention will be given to identify different realities regarding youth unemployment and the social situation of youth all over Europe.

The idea of the training course “ Youth work empowers youth to work”
The TC “Youth work empowers youth to work” aims at enhancing youth workers’ skills in empowering young people to overcome unemployment. The TC will equip youth workers with tools that allow young people to identify their talents, their skills, their interests and passions in order to get employed (or self-employed).

The three concrete objectives of the training course are:
• To explore current situation regarding unemployment and discuss the need for sustainable solutions to address the problem
• To provide youth workers with tools that empowering young people to overcome unemployment
• To create strategic plans in which youth workers will include empowerment for employability in their activities

If the activity is 100% successful, 30 skillful youth workers from different countries who will be motivated and prepared to empower young people to overcome the problem of unemployment. 
By the end of the training, participants are expected to have their own strategic plan on how to empower young people to overcome unemployment by finding and following their element. Going further, if the strategic plans of the youth workers are 100% successful, then hundreds of unemployed young people will be empowered to identify their interest, their skills, their dreams and overcome unemployment, gain back their autonomy and their strength.


The meeting will be based on non-formal education methods, encouraging active participation of young people involved. Some of the methods used will be the following:
• Ice-breakers, energizers.
• Inputs from experts
• Intercultural and experiential learning
• Variety of visuals for thematic input
• Brainstorming and discussions both in working groups and in plenary.


Participant profile: 

  • Between 18 and 30 years old
  • Have an interest in the topic
  • Willing to learn and participate actively in the project
  • Able to work in English
  • Motivation to take part in the project
  • Basic experience in youth work
  • Commitment to create and implement strategic plan
  • Active within their NGO and/or local community
  • any previous experience with youth unemployment will be considered a plus 

Financial details: 

  • Food and accommodation will be covered 100% by the organizers.
  • Travel costs will be refunded 70% of the total amount. 
    The reimbursement will be done by bank transfer, once the organizers have received all original tickets and boarding passes.


How to apply?

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SENDING FEE (payable to CID): 500 MKD.


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