It has been over a year since the creation of the Local Youth Council of Lipkovo (LYCL). In this time, the board of the council worked actively to bring young people together through interesting activities.

The action plan included organising a marathon, interactive workshops and an essay contest. Valon Sakipi, a member of the board, told us about the activities that were planned for the month of November:

„The Marathon included both boys and girls: boys were supposed to run 1500m, and girls 500m. It happened on the 14th of November and aimed at promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, especially encouraging girls to be part of sportive activities.”

IMG_1298 IMG_1337

The four planned workshops happened every day during the week 25th to 30th of November, in the high-school of Ismet Jashari in Lipkovo, before or after classes. Young people were joining the non-formal workshops according to their interests: whether they want to know how to prepare their CV and write a good motivation letter, or whether they want to know more about how they can be active in society and master the tricks of efficient communication. Sometimes high-school students from Kumanovo were joining as well, to share experiences and contribute to the diverse dynamic of the group.

Finally, until the end of November an open call for essays was launched. „There are two categories: one is for youth between 13-14 years old, and the other is for 15-25 year-old young people. The idea behind the essay competition is to encourage young people to think about the problems of the municipality and to discover their writing skills”, shares Valon.

The  LYCL is committed to working with the young community to empower them to take action on issues that matter to them and that affect them directly. Small changes can move the community towards a more sustainable model.