Project place: Ommen, the Netherlands
Project dates: 25.04 – 03.05.2016 (including travel days)
Deadline for applications: 06.03.2016
Jongeren voor Uitwisseling en Begrip (JUB) is looking for participants for a training course called “Don’t judge a book by its cover: empowering youngsters to organize a Human Library”.  The idea is to provide active members of youth organizations with skills, knowledge and attitudes to organize a Human Library with young people. In our experience the Human Library is one of the most effective and friendly ways to promote dialogue and to challenge prejudices in local environments with a wide public.
But what is a Human Library?
In short: it is an innovative method, designed to promote dialogue, challenge prejudices and encourage understanding. The main characteristics of the project are to be found in its simplicity and the positive approach. It is created by members of the Danish youth organization ‘Stop the violence’, in the year 2000, and it is now operational in more than 60 countries. The Human Library is a public event, where interested people can come to challenge their prejudices. The idea is to have a conversation with a Human Book: a person who has experienced prejudices due to issues such as sex, age, disability, sexual preference, gender identity, class, background, religion/belief or lifestyle choices.
The project aims to provide youth workers with skills and knowledge and attitudes to empower youngsters organize a Human Library.
• To gain a thorough understanding of key-concepts such as ‘stereotypes’ and ‘prejudices’;
• To explore the situation in different countries regarding prejudices;
• To introduce and promote the Human Library as a tool to promote dialogue and understanding;
• To learn how to organize a Human Library (minding skills, knowledge and attitudes);
• To use and promote non-formal education and creative learning techniques;
• To gain competences in empowering youngsters. 
Profile of participants:

  • Above 18 years old
  • Willing and able to implement a Human Library on local level with youngsters;
  • No expertise in the topics is needed, but welcomed for input during sessions – enthusiasm is most important; 
  • Supported by our partner organizations in each country; 
  • Ability to work in English.
  • Willing to share their experience with members of CID

Financial aspects of the project:

  • Food and accommodation will be covered 100% by the organizers.
    Training center ‘Olde Vechte’, close to the city of Ommen in the Netherlands
  • Travel costs will be covered 85% of all travel costs (cheapest way)
    Reimbursement will be done after receiving all original boarding passes, tickets and invoices. 
  • Participation fee: 25 EUR (which will be deducted from the travel reimbursement)
  • Sending fee: 500 MKD (payable to CID for confirmation)

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