Supported by: Erasmus+ / European Commission



Aim: The project is addressing one of the key issues in youth organizing: the aspect of real, effective and meaningful participation, quality management and outreach.

Key project activities:

– Training course for youth workers on the topic of Model for active participation and democratic management of youth organizations.

– Exchange / Mobility of Youth workers – Partner organization sends a youth worker to another partner for one month to understand their way of managing the national level youth organizations.

– Training workshop for multipliers of the democratic management in national youth organizations will be held by every partner organization, aiming to ensure proper dissemination of the project takes place to also other national-level youth organizations.

– Training on ICT competences for online youth participation and stimulating organizational growth that aims to strengthen the communication of the organizations with their youth clubs and develop strategies for online participation in decision making

– Conducting a study for democratic participation of national level youth organizations and development of a youth work material (book)- All partners will be responsible to conduct the study and merge the results. Also it will result in production of a youth work manual in all languages of the project. Kick off meeting for the preparation of all documents is in Netherlands, resulting with conferences to present outcomes in Brussels and Istanbul. The final conference will be held in June 2016