Project place: Trofaiach, Austria
Project dates:  19-25 June 2016
Deadline for applications: 22.04.2016
7 day Training Course with a logical continuity and substantive upgrade of interactive, creative and participatory workshops aiming to develop better understanding of the usage of non-formal education in the process of inclusion of minor unaccompanied refugees. The work programme enables participants to grow and develop personally being out of their comfort zone and establishing inter-cultural communication with people from similar background like them, but different countries, cultures and speaking different languages.
The participants will have a chance to meet the group of 30 minor refugees we work with, get to know them better, learn more about their culture and be able to work with them for a day.
Several interactive, creative and participatory workshops will be carried out by internationally experienced youth workers – Erasmus+ trainers. During the workshops participants will interact with each other, give their input, brainstorm, make presentations, represent their country, discuss the themes, present their point of view, experience and learn new methods etc. Participants also prepare icebreakers and teambuilding activities within the organization prior the travelling date that they will deliver during the training.
The participants will also get a chance to practice some of the methods with the group of boys from Syria and Afghanistan, who attend German classes in Stockschloss, and understand the complexity of working with this group of youth at risk.
What do we expect from you as participant?

  • be motivated and initiative BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER the training
  • participate in the project from its very first till the very last day
  • be involved in daily tasks
  • help to share responsibility by making suggestions for group activities
  • commit to a group experience and to decisions making and solving problems together

Profile of participants:

  • Above 18years old
  • Interested in topic
  • Highly motivated
  • Willing to share the experience with the people from CID
  • Willing to participate in all activities during the training course
  • Ability to work in English

Financial aspects of the project:
Food, accommodation will be covered 100%. Will be accommodated in LandhotelReitingblick in Gai, next to Trofaiach
Travel costs will be covered up to 275 EUR.
Reimbursement will be done after receiving all original boarding passes, tickets and invoices. 
Participation fee: 20 EUR
Sending fee: 500 MKD (payable to CID for confirmation)
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