Project place: Arrouquelas, Portugal

Project dates:  19-27 June 2016

Deadline for applications: 30.04.2016


After the Arabic Spring lot of countries lost their stability in Asia and Northern Africa. Also climate change causing the lack of clean water and land to cultivate, a huge number of migrants started their exodus from these areas for a better life or to save their lives. Countries on the border of the EU, and generally all of them are facing a huge immigration pressure from people arriving with very different cultural and religious background.


The overall aim of the training course is to fight against xenophobia and arising racism towards immigrants, to change the negative feelings regarding to migration into positive approach based on understanding of the backgrounds of immigrants and the political and cultural based roots of fears and ignorance of the societies. To train youth workers, youth leaders how to invent offline and online campaigns with, for and by young people in order to support the integration of young people with immigrants’ background and fight for humanity and European values.


Learning objectives of the training course are:

– To raise awareness on the reasons of ignoring, generating fears from immigrants, and becoming racists connected to immigration in the EU;

– To gain experiences on developing and improving methods, tools and techniques in order to discover and accept cultural and religious diversity;

– To clarify and define the meaning of stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination based on human rights education related with migration;

– To enable young people, youth workers, teachers, social workers, psychologists, for recognising prejudgements, prejudices towards immigrants;

– To identify and define the roots and origins of xenophobia and racism;

– To develop critical way of thinking;

– To ensure different ways of active participation of young people within local and international youth campaign against xenophobia and racism;

– To raise awareness on universal human rights of immigrants; to fight against xenophobia and racism towards immigrants and to develop intercultural sensitiveness through web 2.0 as social media tools and through offline tools as street campaigning by street theatre, peer education, posters, flyers, humanitarian aid actions as supporting immigrants, etc.


Profile of participants:

  • Above 18years old
  • Interested in topic
  • Highly motivated
  • Willing to share the experience with the people from CID
  • Willing to participate in all activities during the training course
  • Ability to work in English


Financial aspects of the project:

Food, accommodation will be covered 100%.

Travel costs will be covered up to 270 EUR.
Reimbursement will be done after receiving all original boarding passes, tickets and invoices. 

Participation fee: None

Sending fee: 500 MKD (payable to CID for confirmation)

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