The way in which CID addresses its target groups in terms of presenting the organisation and its programs and projects, as well as volunteering and involvement opportunities has always been a focal point in our activity. One of the steps that we undertook to ensure that our visibility and outreach in the community  is to organise a working group with young people from Kumanovo.

Eight interested participants joined the working group on 17th of May, 2016. Their previous contact with CID happened virtually via Facebook, but also through direct interaction, when members of CID visited teh high-schools to advertise CID activities. Thus the aim of the working group was to research how young people perceive CID, how they understand its mission and whether they are interested in the activities that CID provides; the activities also focused on informing them about the volunteering possibilities and about the ways in which they, as young people, can benefit from being involved in the organisation.

After a short overview of the mission and vision of CID, current projects and of the organigram of the organisation, the group discussed about what their interests as representatives of the youth in Kumanovo are and how they see these interesests being addressed by the projects that CID is implementing. They also expressed interest in the volunteering opportunities, mentioning that in Kumanovo there are not many leisure activities or even extra-curricular activities that would engage the young people in quality interactions and development of their skills.

I would be very interested in being more active through CID. I think that I would have the chance to develop my communication skills and to meet many new people in a relaxed and professional environment. I am looking forward to the new workshops in MultiКулти and also I am interested in learning about media management.”, thinks Stefan Petrovski, student in Skopje.

Based on the outcomes of the working group, CID identified the need to work more on the aspect of attracting new followers and offering them the space to get included, feel motivated to come time after time and to implement their ideas and initiatives together with other enthusiasts.