Project place: Saint-Denis-d’Anjou, Mayenne, France
Project dates: 2-10 September 2016
Deadline for applications: 22.05.2016
The seminar:
The seminar’s main aim is to inspire organisations to review their own internal process of quality assurance in order to propose and implement better intercultural projects.
The objectives of the seminar are:

  • to identify and define the elements that are crucial to ensuring high quality active participation projects with a high-standard intercultural learning processes
  • to analyse the steps organisations need to take in assuring quality
  • to share experiences of both best and worst practices – successes and failures – in developing and implementing high quality projects
  • to define minimum quality standards for intercultural projects focusing on active participation
  • to create tool(s) for minimum quality standards that support organisations in developing projects that respond to a minimum quality
  • to identify key areas of quality assurance that need further development (mainly through training or other educational processes).

Proposed Programme elements:

  • Quality – Management dimension – Project Cycle Management, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation phase
  • Quality – Educational dimension – Selection of content, Methodological approach, Methods and techniques
  • Quality – Framework – Development of tools – work on the publication


  • Be involved in the management aspects of projects or organizations (organization/project managers)
  • Be in charge of the educational aspects of projects (trainers, facilitators).
  • Should have a relevant experience in their respective fields of activity and should have a genuine concern for the quality of the projects they contribute to.
  • Willing and able to actively participate in the entire program and get involved.
  • Able to use English as a working language.
  • Willing to share the obtained knowledge with the members of his/her organization, friends.

Financial aspects of the project:
Accommodation and food will be covered through the project. 
Travel costs will be covered up to 275 EUR (Participants are obliged to have receipts of the ticket, boarding pass and invoices of credit card that was used for buying the tickets for online payments)
Participation fee: NONE
Sending fee: 500 MKD (payable to CID for confirmation)
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