The success of the CUBE project prompted us to continue offering young people the opportunity to learn a new skill and make new friends. This season, MultiKулти is offering 4 workshops: Theatre, Recycling Arts, Photography and Career interests. The workshops are happening in MultiKулти every weekend, between April and June, and have the purpose to help young people get new skills, meet other like-minded friends and get more involved in extracurricular activities.

Let’s take them one by one and sneak a peek:

Recycling arts: This is the perfect workshops for all those creative young people who were drawing on walls as kids and were destroying their mothers’ dresses to make something new: now they have the chance to use and re-use various materials in order to create. They use plastic bags and newspapers and tape to create fancy hats and clutch bags and, of course, dresses! For the opening of the new MultiKулти space, they are preparing a beautiful dress, maybe even two, for display!

Theatre: There will always be people interested in acting. The workshop gathered around 15 enthusiasts who are learning the tips and tricks of acting. They will work on preparing a performance for the final event of the workshops.


Photography: Another very useful skill nowadays is knowing how to properly use those complicated Nikon or Canon cameras. The facilitators came prepared with tons of tricks and rules of how to shoot amazing photos, and the participants are loving it! They are not only learning the theory, but also get the chance to experiment during every session. A gallery of their work will be displayed during the opening of MultiKулти.

Career interests: well, here there is no much to say. Every 18-year-old high-schooler is going through the complicate process of choosing a career. This workshop is facilitating their decision-making process by introducing them to the fascinating world of self-discovery and understanding, of self-assessment of skills, interests and abilities. And if they can have fun while doing it, why not? All the participants are in their last or second to last year of high-school, so they hope they will have a clearer idea about what path they should choose by the end of the workshop.

That being said, see you on the final event, which will happen soon!