Dear friends,
It has been a while since you heard from us, but that doesn’t mean that Center for Intercultural Dialogue is  hibernating. On the contrary, our agenda is overflowing with projects, events and new ideas!
We recharged our batteries during the Winter and now CID is more than happy to be back on track with new projects and partnerships. At the moment, more than 150 young people from Macedonia are taking online courses to boost their employability, the EVS volunteers are preparing a campaign for the International Week against Racism, the Youth Councils created in several Municipalities of Macedonia are developing agendas for action, a National Youth Strategy is being structured by a joint working group including the Government and representatives of the youth sector. What a better time than Spring for CID to actively  engage in all these processes?
We would like to invite you to read the stories of January and February and share our enthusiasm and good vibes. Much of what CID does is anchored in your appreciation and devotion.
Enjoy the blissful Spring breeze and don’t forget to check our Facebook page for updates, news and opportunities!

The Newsmail Editorial Team