Spring has finally started. You can smell the flavor of the blooming trees, you can find colorful flowers on the roadside and the first sunrises you feel on your skin are making you happy.

In our office we are using this fresh energy to continue our projects and to work better and better.

For example our MultiКулти Youth Radio Studio was renewed and we can create the shows in a cozy and warm environment.

We have news of our contact point in Skopje, CID welcomes two new EVS volunteers and we took part in the UNITED action week against racism.

Also, in the local government of Kumanovo blows fresh wind and JEF was closer than ever and organized a debate with the candidates for the mayor position.

Enjoy our spring issue and try to catch as much fresh air as you can (of course after you read our Newsletter 😉 )

Magde and Vivien
-Newsmail Editors-