Logo na multi kulti pomalo

Rrrrrring – FINALLY!

Not even the school year can start properly until the new season has started at our MultiКулти Youth Center, filled with incredibly fresh and trendy programs! 

After all the noise with our staff retreat and the multitude of people in the office every day, the great, sunny and loud summer at CID has finally ended. Instead, the schools are again full of noise and excitement, university responsibilities have called some of our youth workers for much more work, and we at CID have finally settled in to continue working quietly on our on-going projects. But, this won’t last for long…

Tarararaaamm… The MultiКулти New Season has arrived! This season we have workshops on: Sport, Sport Psychology and Dance; Creative Marketing; Eco – creativeness; the always popular Youth Activism; and the brand new Debate and Debating Skills.

The process of marketing the workshops is finished and we proudly ring the bells and open our doors wide to all the active youngsters who will join our colorful world!

On the other hand, we are also opening the doors for our new volunteers and all the ideas they bring with them. Many of our youth workers, including our president, attended training courses within the country and abroad, which means we are going to have fresh, new ideas coming to our organization this fall!


Newsmail Editors of CID – Magde and Sandra