Project date 06.09.2016- 16.09.2016

Project place Stari Grad, Hvar, Croatia

Application deadline: 22.07.2016

About the project 

Training “Matrix of education” will be held in Stari Grad, island Hvar, in the period 06.09. to 15.09.2016 year. The training will be attended by a total of 27 participants from: Croatian, Denmark, UK, Spain, Norway, Italy, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia and Macedonia.

Learning and teaching, and the whole educational process is an interactive process in which participants with the support of a coach or manager independently acquire knowledge, judgment, belief and expression through the development of personal autonomy. To make the process of transferring knowledge was adequate and met the development of personal autonomy with stakeholders is essential that the educator engaged, motivated and trained through various forms of education, the educational process of adapting content and age of the participants, and that education is seen as the process of balance between teaching and learning and traditional and new forms of learning.

This project is aimed to educate youthworkes to encourage participants in future projects, through educational methods, to take responsibility for their own learning process which involves training participants for troubleshooting, innovation, learning, learning as a foundation for lifelong learning through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach to learning and education. With new techniques, methods and procedures of acquiring knowledge and putting the focus on the need to structure the schedule of educational content as it is important not to neglect the quality of the teaching.

Before the start of training every national team, and each participant from the partner countries will make a presentation of the educational system in their country, its advantages and disadvantages. In addition to formal education and will prepare a presentation on alternative educational (formal) systems (systems for gifted children, for children with disabilities, etc). Participants should present the structure of making workflow activities, and how they work in the informal educational cycles education.

  • what is this knowledge in your country,
  • how education process looks like
  • how education define intelligence
  • how education measure knowledge
  • how education evaluate knowledge and
  • are the institutions in charge of education are aware of the concept of lifelong learning.
Profile of the participants
  • Be above 18 years old
  • Interest for the theme of project
  • Knowledge of English
  • Knowledge of the concept of non-formal education
  • Participants work and/or wants to work with young people in terms of transfer knowledge
  • Participants wants to develop their skills and competencies
  • Participants wants to disseminate results of project


Financial aspect of the project

Accommodation and food will be covered 100% by the hosting organization.
Travel expenses will be covered up to 180 EUR (reimbursement  will be done after we receive your boarding passes, invoices, tickets etc.)


Participation fee 25 EUR

Sending fee 500 MKD