Project place Novi Sad –Serbia

Project dates 15th – 23rd November

Application deadline 30th August 2016


About the Partnership-building Activity

The goal of this PBA is to establish partnerships for Erasmus+ Youth in Action projects tackling current issues in Europe regarding refugees, immigrants and diversity in general.
The core activity of the project is – 8 days long partnership-building activity (PBA). It will be organised in the youth hostel in Novi Sad, Serbia from 15th till 23rd November 2016. Project will gather 24 participants from 18 organisations and 16 countries (Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Slovenia, Romania, Italy, France, Slovakia, Poland).
The PBA will explore the concepts of quality partnerships on international projects, realities of our countries in dealing with refugee crises and other issues of intolerance nowadays, celebrating diversity in communities and Erasmus+ YiA projects (with an emphasis on KA1 – Mobility projects for young people and youth workers) as well as inclusion and give the participants a space to develop ideas and establish European level partnerships for new projects tackling issues mentioned above and promoting richness of diversity and acceptance in Europe.
We expect from participants to be able to represent their sending organisations and enter into new partnerships and new project proposals during this PBA. There will be experienced trainers/facilitators present and they will assist partnership building and project development during the event.


  • Exploring quality teamwork and partnership on European level projects
  • Sharing realities related youth work programmes existing in our organisations/communities about discrimination, exclusion, marginalisation of different groups (including migrants and refugees) in our communities
  • Understanding basic concepts, approaches and needs analysis of Intercultural acceptance of diversity and Fundamental / Human Rights in Europe
  • Understanding and sharing the situations and challenges to face when organising projects about diversity and youth in Europe
  • Introducing in details Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme KA1 Mobility projects for young people and youthworkers
  • Visiting local youth organisation dealing with the topics of the PBA
  • Introducing in details the procedures and application forms of the Erasmus+ YiA KA1
  • Initiating and developing at least 6 Erasmus+ YiA projects promoting intercultural acceptance of diversity in our local communities and on European level


The participants should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Age above 18
  • Youth workers, project coordinators or volunteers that have a mandate of their sending organisation to enter into a partnership with other organisations/groups coming from Programme countries and Western Balkans
  • Willing to develop and implement Erasmus+ Youth in Action projects tackling issues of accepting diversity in Europe when it comes to
  • immigrants, refugees and other marginalised groups
  • Able to work in English
  • Able to attend and be active during the entire duration of the PBA


Financial aspect of the project

Accommodation and food will be covered 100% by the hosting organization
Travel reimbursement will be covered up to 180 EUR  (after received  all the original tickets and ways of travel that are plane, bus, train or ferry, NOT taxi and NOT car).

Participation fee NONE
Sending fee 500 MKD