On the 14th of July a team from CID has participated at the  Regional Forum for the Vardar and Northeast Region, organised by CIVICA Mobilitas. The forum explored the topic of migration through presentations, debate sessions and workshops. Our youngsters from Kumanovo prepared a workshop for the forum.

Ines Fetterley, who organised the team, about the workshop:

„The theme of the workshop was youngsters and migration, so we thought it would be fit to have a healthy debate with the participants. For that we used the activity “Barometer”, and we included facts of controversial nature in order to spark the need to express opinions. The participants, once the activity started, were very open to express their opinions, but in the same time eager to hear other people’s objectives on the same matter. We tried to let the people  express their opinions as much as possible, and to meet their need of being heard. At the end, we concluded that youngsters do need a voice in our country, and that debates and forums like this one need to happen more often, because youngsters are the future, and if their voice isn’t heard here they will look for a place where it will be heard, and no one wants that.”

The forum is one of the many activities held by CIVICA to engage the civil society in dialogue and to encourage them to come up with solutions to the problems they encounter, and CID is happy to participate in these events, bringing a fresh and youthful perspective on the discussed issues.