Project dates 8 -16 October 2016 

Project place Belgrade, Serbia 

Application deadline 25 August 2016


About the project

We live in a so-called digital era where digital media and innovative online tools have extensive influence on reaching our personal and work goals, as well as creating smart and inclusive society. Moreover, demand for digital literacy and audacious digital activism of young people and youth NGOs is constantly growing. That is the main topic of this project. Training course will provide digital literacy/activism transversal (technical, practical and analytical) skills for 33 youth workers from 11 partner NGOs. Trainees will become digitally literate; master digital tools – Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Newsletter, Flipboard, Trello, Google tools; create digital media plan; learn graphic design, storytelling and tools e.g. surveys, cloud collaboration, agile project management; enhance skills for teaching the youth on digital literacy/activism; raise awareness and advocate youth activism towards stakeholders…


1: Increase the capacity of youth organisations/workers in the field of digital literacy/activism, foster their active participation in society and intraregional and transregional cooperation between 11 youth NGOs from 5 Partner and 5 Programme countries from Western Balkans, Western Europe and North Europe
2: Evolve digital youth activism and reinforce digital promotion of youth policy and democratic values on transregional and European level.

Main objective:

1. Build up human and technical (ICT) resources of 11 youth NGOs in the field of digital literacy/activism
2. Create/enhance digital media and online tools of all partner NGOs
3. Develop and shape transversal skills (ICT, creative communication, collaboration, innovative thinking…) of youth workers; train them how to use and pass the skills on young people
4. Create a multilingual OER on digital literacy/youth activism
5. Establish strong intraregional and transregional cooperation among partner NGOs


Participants would ideally meet the following criteria:

  • Between 18- 35 years old
  • To be youth worker or youth activists;
  • Possess certain digital literacy knowledge (especially on digital media and online tools) or strong desire to acquire it;
  • Have certain experience in the youth activism field or a strong desire to join youth activists;
  • To be interested in youth policy, especially the problems of youth;
  • To be creative, interested and capable to write articles and/or do photography, video clip or the like;
  • To be motivated to combat undemocratic incidents;
  • To be familiar with the current youth policy situation at local/national level, problems and needs of youth;
  • To be interested to deal with issues of youth policy in partner countries and at the European level;
  • To be willing to cooperate with their European colleagues;
  • To be fluent in English.

Financial aspect of the project 

Accommodation and food will be covered 100 % by the hosting organization.

Travel costs will be covered up to 180 EUR. Please note that corresponding amount will be reimbursed by bank transfer immediately after the training course, upon receiving all ORIGINAL/SCANNED travel receipts (flight tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, boarding passes…).


Participation fee NONE
Sending fee 500 MKD