Volunteering place: Młodzieżowa Placówka Wychowawcza, Sopot POLAND

Volunteering period: 01.10.2016 – 30.09.2017

Application deadline: URGENT!

Voluntary activity in Caritas

Superior aim lying behind any of Caritas activity is in realization of spiritual and financial needs of people. The goal is accomplished by a charity and a humanitarian activity springing from evangelical love of our neighbour.
The activity has dignity of a person in mind paying no attention to its religion, outlook of life, nationality, race and beliefs.
Caritas wishes to accomplish its mission by inviting young volunteers from abroad. In such a way it takes actions for the European integration basing on Christian values and relation development between societies. Thanks to the EVS project realization, Caritas promotes: the main ideas of the volunteer service, supporting actions for dialogue and democracy development, in the same time it promotes actions in favour of the development of science, education, and also charity-protective activities in favour of a wide range of people in need, especially families, children, youth, singles, disable people, ill people and seniors.

European Volunteer Service (EVS) in Caritas is above all a chance of realizing importance of Caritas which we show for the Europeans.

It is also a chance:

  • to get to know each other
  • to take dialogue and cooperation
  • to share experience and find new solutions
  • to break barrier, stereotype, artificial schemes and common roads
  • to learn how to respect one another, regardless of nationality, age, financial possibility, race, sex or illness through mutual respect.

Activities of Gdansk Archdiocese Caritas is supported by the work of 4000 volunteers.


Target group 

  • Youth in age 14-18, 20-25 year old
  • from difficult backgrounds, were families having problems with alcohol, drugs addiction, poverty, prison, unemployment, often incapacityof life,
  • having problems in learning,
  • in general not speaking in English,
  • having emotional problems, problems with communication,
  • often hyperactive, sometimes aggressive.

Above description might seem to be scary but they are good youth who need attention, positive attention not the one which they often have at school. There, they are perceived as people without any chances to live in  a “good way”. However our years of experience show that those youth are very active, they know what is a team. They are willing to act, play together etc. We see the results of the therapy, of our work if only those youth get the chance, if you believe in them they are able to act and create something good. They just need attention of other person, good warm words.

Every week on Monday volunteers will work on project and various activities in head office of caritas.

We would like the volunteer to join the workshop team, show his/her presence, make impact on the place, that the workplace feels that has got an EVS volunteer!

Proposed activities in the workplace:

  1. Foreign languages lessons for people once/twice a week,
  2. National days of my country:
  • – preparation of big poster with basic words in my language,
  • – my national dishes, cooking activities,
  • – what do you know about my country? – presentation about history, traditions + quiz.
  1. During summer/winter holidays join the camps with children/youth as a guardian and activities arranger.
  2. Using such equipment like: camera, microphone, voice recorder make an interview with local community about:
  • Who is volunteer? Is he/she needed?
  • Other themes to choose.
  1. The volunteer is encourage to make a movie or photo exhibition about EVS, about her/his EVS experience in Poland.


  • Help with homework of children/youth such as English language, math, geographic etc.,
  • Follow the activities which are organized by the youth leader,
  • Propose own activities which can be organized with the youth leader such as cooking, art, sports activities etc.,
  • Play games with children,
  • Help in daily duties such as cleaning, washing etc.
  • Participation in any other additional activities proposed by the EVS coordinator, for example visit in the school with a presentation.
Profile of the candidate 
  • Between 18- 30 years old
  • likes to work with youth and who knows how to get in touch with them (or not be afraid of them),
  • likes to discover new things, open-minded,
  • active, taking initiative, creative,
  • communicative,
  • stable emotionally,
  • responsible,
  • flexible,such interests as sport, music, dance or any other kind of passion with which volunteer can infect young people are very appreciated.


Financial aspect of the project 

There are 9 EVS volunteers all together however they live in 3 separate flats. In each flat are tree rooms where 3 volunteers stay so that each volunteer has got their own bedroom and shared kitchen, bathroom with other EVS volunteers. The flats are situated quite close to the means of transport. The volunteers are getting ticket for the transport to get from the flat to the workplace.

Volunteers will get  180 EUR for pocket money and food money.

Travel cost will be covered up to 270 EUR.


Send us you CV and the Motivation letter as soon as possible at sending@cid.mk with subject EVS -STOP SECOND – DISCOVER OUR NEW WORLD.