Project place Kiev, Ukraine 

Project dates 15-23 October 2016

Application deadline 5 September 2016


About project 

The training course “Europe One – Refugees mission to survive” is a 7 days project that will take place in Kiev, Ukraine. “Europe One” as starting point for putting the situation of refugees in Europe in the center of attention of the current issue with in the Thematc Series. The kick-off will be with this unique TC as an initiative adopted by 10 different European and partner countries; with youth workers and CSOs directly in contact and first in touch with the refugees in their focus. TC is directed to youth workers who are working with two types of target groups:
1. Youth with migrant background (asylum seekers, work immigrants, international volunteers, IDPs, etc.)
2. Youth in danger of radicalization, that is prone to demonstrating discriminatve and intolerant approach towards groups with different cultural, ethnic, religious backgrounds.
“Europe One” is the joint effort aiming at changing the lives of refugees in Europe, which serves as an action framework for NGO’s and will monitor progress in accelerating social inclusion and creating spaces for successful dialogue opportunities for further inclusion to social, economic and democratic life in the EU. Within the framework of the TC development, four priority areas have been defined: education, employment, health, housing, and the participation countries had to develop Natonal Acton Plans indicating goals to be achieved for the areas mentioned above.


to explore and understand the enter process that leads to social exclusion of refugees;
to identify the competences that young people can develop in connection with refugees
and mobility;
to develop methods of youth work that can contribute to combating exclusion of young
migrants and radicalization of youth;
to raise awareness on the topic of intercultural communication;
to ensure immersive understanding of profile and social problems of refugees in Europe;
to equip the participants with skills concerning dialogue, negotiation, mediation and
to share knowledge and skills in the fled of conducting negotiations in different cultural
environments, both on local and European level;
to teach basic tools in videography and to realize several video materials regarding the


Profile of the participants 
  • Above 18 years old
  • Youth worker
  • Directly involved  with migrants – fight against social exclusion, increasing civil, social and entrepreneurship
    competences and active participation in civil society
  • Interested to share their experience
  • Motivated to actively participate


Financial aspect of the project 

Accommodation and food will be covered 100% by the hosting organization.

Travel cost will be covered up to 275 EUR (Reimbursement will be done after receiving all original boaring passes, invoices and tickets).


Participation fee NONE
Sending fee 500 MKD