The MultiKулти youth center opened in its current premises in 2011. Since then, several times we organized activities to invite young people to express their artistic spirits on the inside and outside walls. This time we decided to do the same, after we refurbished the youth center. The Graffiti Fest was organised on the 29th and 30th of August.

Kumanovo has many young, talented graffiti artists. Some of them expressed their interest in volunteering to draw on the outside walls. Antonio Ilievski, David Stoilkovski, Mladen Trendevski, Justin Fetterley and Leonard Blagojevic made a great job in giving the building a personality!


The concept for the inside wall was designed and painted by Hana Miftari, Sara Zafirovska and Monika Spasovska: the girls worked on the whole side wall to represent happy young people. Their work now lights up the room and brings a positive vibe to the atmosphere of the youth center.

Besides the graffiti and the painting, we prepared artistic activities for the children who joined us for the fest: we made paper masks, origami stars and we colored T-shirts. Music was provided by Nikola Bogatinovski, local DJ, and we even had a live guitar performance enacted by Bogdan Velickovski. The activity was meant to encourage the young visitors of the youth center to develop their artistic skills and discover their potential for drawing, singing or painting. 

Now that our youth center shines in new colors, we are ready to officially open the Autumn season for workshops, daily activities and much more fun!

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The Graffiti Fest was organised with the support of UNDP Macedonia and Civica Mobilitas.