Project dates: 8-19 October 2016

Project place: Dolna Banya, Bulgaria

Application deadline: 23.09.2016


About the project 

“1000 Words” is Erasmus + KA 1 project funded by European Union. A picture is worth a thousand words! We are all witnessing fast growing rise of (ICT) new technologies, which are in the same time very affordable and accessible to everyone. One of this field is industry connected to photography. Every smartphone has good camera, DSLR professional cameras are more used by amateurs, and Instagram has become a part of everyday life of younger generations. There is more than 400 millions Instagram users and more than 80 milions photos uploaded every day. However, this are mostly selfies and similar photos. One of the greatest power photography has is power to move people, power to make social changes in community. One of the noble purpose we can use photography is to help others, especially marginalised groups of society and young people with fewer opportunities. With a project, we want to bring attention to photography as a powerful tool to raise awareness of troubling social issues and needs of European
society. Through enhancing digital skills, learning about photography and photojournalism participants will interview and make photo stories of marginalized groups in Bulgaria. Groups we are targeting are Roma people, homeless people, LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, people with disabilities, minorities, youth with geographic obstacles, youth with learning difficulties like school dropouts, people with economic obstacles, (ex)
drug users and (ex) alcohol users and (ex) criminals. Participants will also make a photo exhibition which will be held at the end of mobility. In this way, they will learn advanced digital skills and in the same time enhance civic and social competence, actively involved in their local communities, practice their citizenship competences and take action to change something in local community.

Objective of the project „Thousand words” are:

– Teaching participants digital skills; advanced usage of photo equipment and photography
– Teaching participant’s photojournalism
– Raising participant’s civic and social competence by involving them in local community and working on social issues
– Promotion of social inclusion, solidarity and empathy for marginalized groups of European community
– Greater involvement of marginalized groups and members into local and international community.


Profile of the participants 
  • Be above 18 years old
  • Interested in the topic
  • Willing to share their experience with people from CID
  • Ability to work in English


Financial aspect of the project 

Accommodation and food will be covered by the hosting organization.

Travel cost will be covered up to 80 EUR. (Reimbursement will be done after receiving all the boarding passes, tickets and invoices)


Participation fee NONE
Sending fee 500 MKD