We are Marija, Frosina, Elena , Sadik and Gent. Together with 30 other people from different parts of Europe, we went to Sneak in The Netherlands on the training course “Community leadership”. Together we were having the time of our lives, while learning, gaining new skills and most importantly having fun.

The aim of this training course was to unleash the leadership potential in every one of us. Our trainers accomplished this goal, they made us all realize that internally we have that leadership potential and that we can present, act, lead, be a part of a team by actually being ourselves.

Through innovative methods, team work, workshops and games, the trainers managed to transfer all of their knowledge and we learned a lot from that.  All of us has experienced both professional and inner growth.

Not to forget all the fun we had and the new friends we met. We had the opportunity to meet people from The Netherlands, Latvia, Croatia, Belarus and Georgia. We had time to meet each other and share our cultures. We also had an intercultural night where we had the opportunity to meet every country culture.

We would recommend this kind of Erasmus+ experience to everyone, because you will get travel, fun and learning at the same time.