In September Aleksandra Cvetkovska attended the Young Peacebuilders Forum 2016 in the Hague, Netherlands, between 20-24 September. The forum has brought together 45 young peacebuilders from all around the world to learn from each other’s experiences on the ground and to improve strategies for effective advocacy for youth participation in peacebuilding as a collective. The topic of the third edition of the forum was Youth Policy and Peace.

For five days Aleksandra, together with the other participants, explored different good practices in peacebuilding around the world, focusing especially on conflict-ridden areas in Africa, South America, Middle East and Eastern Europe. Another major focus of the forum was establishing partnerships for future actions and developing tools for peacebuilding. The participants came from diverse backgrounds, representing the civil society, the youth, political stakeholders, etc. The activities took place in several youth cafes, which contributed to the fact that other people could join the conversation as well.