As we already got you used to it, MultiKулти is coming with yet another season of interactive workshops for the youth of Kumanovo. This time though we stepped up the game and invited young enthusiastic people to come up with their own ideas for workshops and become facilitators.

Aleksandra Mihajlovska, the programme coordinator, is telling us more about the whole initiative:

For this round of workshops, a call for initiatives was open and the youngsters had the chance to propose the main activities. Four of them were selected and each student received a personal mentor to work with. The mentors and the students developed four programs that are now implemented in the youth center. The workshops will last two months and will end with a public event in December.

  1. With strip cartoon against discrimination: This workshop aims to introduce the basic concepts of discrimination and the ways to recognize it. While learning about discrimination, the participants will work on developing stories for cartoons. As a final result, unique strips will be developed from their stories and designed by them.

Mentor: Arta Abduli

Facilitators: Milan Dimitrievski, Hana Miftari

  1. Theater performance: This workshop offers a unique way of getting to know ourselves and the others on a different level with the use of theater as tool. The main concept of the performance is about love and acceptance without judgment and the workshop will end with a public performance made by the whole group of participants.

Mentor: Keti Doncevska Ilic

Facilitator: Sara Ilic

  1. Go towards the GREEN – Eco workshop: During this workshop the participants will develop a sense for environmental issues. They will also work on detecting ecological problems in their own community and work on possible solutions. At the end of the program they will make a public presentation of their project.

Mentor: Aleksandra Mihajlovska

Facilitator: Anastasija Manasijevska

  1. Be motivated to create: How do young people find motivation? What motivates them to be better in what they are doing? These questions are the ground for our fourth workshop that will work with the participants on their ways of motivation and their image of themselves. We will also have some guest speakers (local successful people) that will share their personal stories with them). At the end of the project they will create art collages that will represent their thoughts and understandings of themselves and what inspires them.

Mentor: Mario Denkovski

Facilitators: Bojana Andonovic and Vlera Zendeli

If you are around and would like to get involved in any of the workshops, this is the schedule:

  • Theater performance: Saturdays at 14:30
  • With strip cartoon against discrimination: Saturdays at 16:00
  • Go towards the GREEN – Eco workshop: Sundays at 13:00
  • Be motivated to create: Sundays at 14:30