A couple of weeks ago I participated in a training seminar in Tirana, Albania via the No Hate Speech Movement that was funded and supported by the Council of Europe. The seminar put focus on how youth can develop campaigns for promoting human rights, using The Bookmarks (the official training manual for countering hate speech), to share experience with one another about past campaigning strategies and what we can do to further the movement in our local and national communities.

The seminar was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn how the movement functions in various parts of Europe as well as develop strategies that I can implement in the national committee of the No Hate Speech Movement in Macedonia. The most interesting part of the seminar was the implementation and dissemination of ‘Bookmarks’ and using the No Hate Speech Movement online platforms for successful campaigning.

In the period to come, I will be working with the national committee to develop strategies and campaigns for international days for hate speech victims and targets, as well as spending time on my own ideas about future projects that can be done to further promote the movement and the human rights values that come along with it.

Here’s the link to the article I wrote about identity and discrimination, and also a video we made during the seminar:

How to Become the Image of Your Imagination